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The Power of a Client Success Story!

If you're like me, you can do a little more of "practicing what I preach". I have worked with so many of my clients and expressed to so many potential business partners about the power of using client testimonials to build trust in their brands, businesses, products and services. Yet, I am much like the painter whose house is never painted, the roofer with a leaking roof or the electrician with blown light bulbs, I failed to secure my own video testimonials... until recently.

A Happy Client Builds Trust...

There really is nothing more powerful than someone else telling your potential customers how awesome you are!

Think about it this way, when we go on Amazon or to an online store, we immediately check the reviews for the best and worst opinions about the item. We want to know what others think about it and what their experience has been like before we pull the trigger and buy it for ourselves.

There is a lot of power behind letting your customers tell your story for you! Frank knocked this one out of the park for us.

Frank Ingrassia - Owner of Symmetry Construction & Blackrock Property Management
Frank Ingrassia - Owner of Symmetry Construction & Blackrock Property Management

Written Review Comes to Life

The client video testimonial or #ClientSuccessStory is no different, well it's a little different. It actually way better because we bring that written review to life! Your potential buyers will hear directly from your happy clients and get to see them in the finished project you just built for them. If we get in early enough, then can even get a feel for how the project started, the progress along the way and finally the finished version. Typically, if we are highlighting a construction project (for example), we want to show how working with your company has positively impacted your client. This means bringing that space to life and letting the success story go to work.

Behind the scenes on set for this video project
Behind the scenes on set for this video project.

Frank Tells of His Success With Us

For this Testimonial, we really focused in our initial video project we partnered on. That was the one that showed Frank and us, how a well thought out video could give a huge ROI (Return On Investment). Between production cost and the initial marketing push through META ad campaigns, a roughly $10,000 investment helped Frank secure about $75k in revenue in the first 6 weeks! Wow! That's quite a return! And as Symmetry continued to use this video, it has netted them well over $100k in the following months.

"The money I spent paid dividends and continues to, to this day."

The key is actually using the video effectively. It drives me crazy when we create a beautiful video for a Client and they do nothing with it. Frank didn't let it go to waste.

Our Client Success

Enough writing about it, let's hear it for ourselves.

If you are looking to get your roof replaced and live in North East Pennsylvania, contact Frank Ingrassia of Symmetry Construction at

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