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$75k in new revenue... Not too bad!

I knew from the very first conversation that Frank of Symmetry Construction was going to become a good friend and business partner. It all started with a simple advertisement for his roofing company.

A beautiful beginning...

Frank was really easy to work with, the right amount of "I know what I want" and "I trust you Mike"! Frank knew He needed a new video to help market his residential roofing service, He just didn't expect what we came up with or the result!

Once we determined what our goal was (Make Symmetry more money!), we got to work on a video concept outline which included developing a script for Frankie to use and a shot list. For this beginning stage, we take extra time to ensure the tonality and flow of the script is just right and the video shot list will help us efficiently capture the visuals for the video.

a white male smiling at work
Frank Ingrassia - Owner of Symmetry Construction

Production Day(s)

It very rare that a client will deliver the script in a natural and comfortable sounding way, but it only took Frankie a few takes to get in his rhythm. We easily knocked out the speaking parts and were able to focus on capturing b-roll.

For the un-initiated, "b-roll" is all the video scenes you see playing when someone in the video is talking (or no talking at all). These shots help the viewer visualize parts of the story as the narrator speaks. It doesn't matter if its a talking head interview or a voice-over or simply music playing, which sets the emotion of the video scenes.

When capturing b-roll for a project like this, I think it's important to keep it simple. There is so much going on during a roof replacement, its easy to get distracted. We use the shot list to keep us focused on the core shots we know we will need to make the final video, but we always capture more than we intended. Sometimes, something organically happens that you didn't expect and before you know it, you have a really cool scene to include in the storyline.

a residential home with an old roof

The Edit

After 1.5 production days, we started the post production process, aka "The Edit". This is where all the magic happens and where we tend to lose the most hair! There is an interesting thing that happens to me when we get to this phase of the work, I lose all motivation to continue! LOL!! All jokes aside, sometimes we aren't able to start editing for weeks after production wraps up or there is so much raw footage to sift through, that the shear undertaking of the impending edit becomes overwhelming. Then there are times where I get into an editing flow quickly... but that is rare! I often need to convince myself to be excited to start the edit, typically the juices start flowing within the first few clips on a new timeline.

"You're a beast!"

This project was pretty straight forward and I was excited to get this one back into the hands of the client. I knew this video would become a valuable asset for Symmetry Construction, but it would be useless on my hard drive. Once I sent the 1st draft over, I knew we had a banger. I believe Frankie's only response was "You're a beast!" To this day, one of the best client reactions to a project I have ever received.

The Result

Now I will admit this, I was expecting a good result from marketing this video project for Symmetry Construction, but I was surprised at how fast it happened. I will not divulge how much the budget was for this project, exactly... but I will say production and marketing this video in the first month probably cost somewhere around $10k. I once heard a quote "Scared money, Don't make money!" and Frankie isn't afraid to invest into himself and his companies. The result of his efforts was approximately $75k in new revenue!! That is new revenue from people who saw the new video project in META and signed with Symmetry to replace their roof! These results would have certainly been different if there were less funds avialable to market the video.

infographic showing the results of using video marketing

We always explain the two parts to this puzzle: producing the content and marketing the content. Most clients will handle marketing themselves, only to really drop the ball on making it worth while. Frank was lucky to have a team that was able to craft a profitable paid ad campaign with our video asset.

Since this initial project, we have worked with Frank to produce multiple video assets for his companies. It has been a great blessing to partner with Frankie and his team on these projects!

If you are looking to get your roof replaced and live in North East Pennsylvania, contact Frank Ingrassia of Symmetry Construction at

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