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Using a GoPro to create content for your construction business...

There is a huge chance that you have an unopened GoPro from last Christmas, collecting dust in your work truck or office. The barrier to entry in creating content for your business is so low, that I often wonder how I remain in business, but all joking aside... please hire me! I won't give your the juice at the end of the blog post, you can get all the same info in the video below. Otherwise, I'll see you in the next paragraph!

Barrier to Entry... LOW!

Right now you are either reading this article on it or its in your pocket... your entry into content creation! Back in my day, we used our cell phones to make phone calls and play that really crappy but addictive snake game, but these days they are literal super computers and almost always include a really good camera. This is your entry into content creation for your business but a dedicated camera of some sort it definitely another option.

As you can imagine, there are cameras at all price points and you certainly do not need a $5,000 setup to create video/photo content. If you already own a newer model smart phone, use that, but for those who want or have a GoPro or similar action camera, keep reading.

a white male smiling at work
Me pointing at a GoPro 11

I Don't Want To Be A Creator!!!

If you own or work for a #construction company, there are a lot of interesting parts to your day. I know you probably don't even think about it, but there is a huge market for construction related content. Ultimately, you may not be aiming to become a content creator but as marketing evolves, the businesses that neglect social media content will fall behind those that are creating consistent content. You may be thinking to yourself: "But I hate Facebook.". If you're human, you are amongst friends, we all hate it, but as a business owner, FB and the other platforms can be your source of un-ending leads. I also want to state that whatever content you create, it can and should be re-purposed for all available platforms (FB, IG, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.). Depending on where your potential clients will most likely see your content, will guide where most of your effort should be placed. Also, keep in mind that this is usually a long term strategy which relies on consistency and value.

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A happy customer!

3 Ways to Use a GoPro on Your Jobsite

Let's get into the value, enough of the stories and blogging. Here are 3 really simple ways to use that dusty GoPro to capture your content from the construction site.

  1. Attach it to a machine: Whether its a skid steer or a massive crane, attach that #GoPro to your machinery and give watchers a view from the operators seat. This is one of my favorite ways to use a GoPro when working with clients.

  2. Attach it to you: By attaching your GoPro to your hard hat or your uniform, you can give a unique perspective on what your day-to-day looks like. Either point it forward for a first-person view or towards yourself so viewers can catch your reactions to the craziness of the job. Either way, people love catching a glimpse into the industry, without risking a back injury.

  3. Timelapse: Timelapse can be an awesome way to show the progress of a project in a short amount of time. GoPro cameras and others, have a timelapse function built-in and makes it really easy to capture. For long-term projects, timelapse is possible but you will want to consider a setup designed for long-term #timelapse.

The Result

Content creation is a long term strategy and success relies heavily on consistency. But it's important to determine what your goal is: more views, more followers or more clients. Your GoPro can be you entry into this world and may help you realize the power of content for your business.

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