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How We Produced a Construction Mission Video for WS Design & Build.

Sometimes you have to rent a $1000 per night AirBnB to use as a production location! Keep reading to find out how many beds I slept in!

When William Snyder reached out to us to produce a video project for his company WS Design & Build, we didn't know exactly where to start, but we ultimately settled on something that would build trust in his brand and business. WS Design & Build is a custom home designer/builder. They handle everything from concept development to final punch list.

WS Design & Build logo with website and phone number

Where it all started...

It all started with giving something away for free, which ultimately turned out to be a great idea!

While capturing some free content for the Pocono Builders Association, at their Greater Pocono Home & Outdoor Living Show, hosted at Kalahari Resort; I was able to make connections with a great deal of business owners representing all parts of the construction industry. William Snyder and his team were one of those meaningful connections and we had a great conversation. It wasn't too long before Bill would reach back out to me to get a project started. Here is how we produced a construction mission video for WS Design & Build.

a man points to a blueprint of a building

Building Trust

What we provide the most of to our clients is trust building content. Like most industries, construction companies are constantly trying to build trust with potential clients. When they partner with Seymour Mac Productions, we work together with them to find out what their main goals and challenges are. In construction, attracting higher paying clients and recruiting qualified workers are top of the list and luckily we have something for both of those situations.

In this case, Bill wanted to tell the story of his company while still appealing to higher end clients. We decided a #MissionVideo would work well as an initial project. This video can be used on their website and social media platforms to tell visitors, who and what #WSDesignandBuild is all about.

A home builder shaking his clients hand and smiling

Producing this Mission Video

And there I was, all alone in a Mansion, in a hot tub...

After Bill and I built out the idea for his premiere video project with us, it was time to get to work. For this project, we would need to interview Bill and 3 of his most trusted designers; Alicja, Kelly and Lindsey. We would also interview a few of their satisfied customers and capture b-roll from several job sites to help viewers visualize the story.

For the 4 main interviews, we would usually record them at one of the clients finished projects, but we were unable to secure one of those locations in a timely manner. Not a problem for SMP, we rented an #AirBnb for a single production day, a huge 10 room Mansion with beautiful open spaces and plenty of natural light coming through the huge windows.

Bill Snyder talking head interview in front of large windows
Bill Snyder

We only used the common areas and technically only needed the space for about 5 hours. Once we captured all the interviews we needed and the headed out, I was alone in the house with leftover craft services food and a hot tub. I wanted to get our monies worth out of this rental so I used this time to record some personal content and enjoy the hot tub... all by myself. I never even used any of the other rooms, but still had to pay the $300 cleaning fee!

Finished Product

A few weeks and a few revision rounds later, we were able to provide WS Design & Build with a beautifully crafted Mission Video, which they are currently using on their website and social media pages, to build that final piece of trust before a client decides to hire them. If you would like to work with WS Design & Build to build your next big project, visit them at

Without trust, you don't have anything in the construction business and we help our clients build that trust with their clients, with brand-attraction video production. If you are interested in working with us to produce a video like this for your brand or business, contact us today!

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