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How We Helped Quincy Construction More Than Double Their Instagram Following.

The result was even better than I imagined it would be!

text message from a satisfied client

If I am being honest, this result took me by surprise. Let me explain why! When Quincy Construction and my company first got connected, we brainstormed on what type of content would be best for their current goals and situation. Where we started was not where we ended up, but we adapted to the needs of our client and provided exactly what they asked for.

It is my belief that businesses like Quincy's; a home renovation and skilled property investment venture; the content being created should help solve a problem for the viewer and potential client. For this reason, our initial list of ideas included videos such as: Guided Walkthroughs, Tips & Tricks; Project Reviews, etc. Almost all of which would require the client to participate on camera. So what changed?

5 screen shots of a construction video

We had to adapt...

When the client asks for a change in plans; we accommodate and adapt to their needs.

As we navigated through the pre-production process, including the creative session to start building on the original list of ideas, something changed. It is not our job to judge the clients choice for wanting a change, it is our job to make sure we are delivering what will bring them the most value. When Quincy asked to remove the ideas which included him on camera, we assessed the situation. Although we are happy to change the plan, it is in the clients best interest that we give our honest opinion on what direction may be best. Sometimes we are right and sometimes we aren't... this time we weren't. At least to a certain degree.

a man smiles as he does electrical work
One of Quincy Constructions happy workers.

Much to our surprise

We decided to take more of a 'run and gun' approach to Quincy Constructions first content package with us. We focused on building trust and awareness in Quincy's team and his brand. When we visited a job site, we thought about what their potential clients might want to learn about Quincy Construction. One of the pieces of content showed his team of experienced home renovators in action. Another showed the surrounding location of one of his properties, a huge building intended to house traveling nurses. Another simply showed the clean out process of one of their most recently purchased property.

In my experience, planning more specific problem solving content is most beneficial and we may have seen an even better result from our 6 month partnership, but we were both happy with the end result.

Quincy told us that his Instagram following more than doubled from 10k followers to 21k followers. He also told us that it was in large part due to the videos we created for him. That's how we doubled their Instagram following.

A home builder shaking his clients hand and smiling

What we would do differently

It would still be our preference to

It would still be our preference to directly solve a problem for viewers. A lot of people are actively searching for answers to their home renovating questions. If you can provide a solution for these people, you will build trust in your brand and be well on your way to increasing your revenue and attracting higher paying clients.

If you are interested in learning more about Quincy Construction, #homerenovation and #propertyinvestment, give them a follow on their Instagram HERE!

Without trust, you don't have anything in the construction business and we help our clients build that trust with their clients, with brand-attraction video production. If you are interested in working with us to produce a video like this for your brand or business, contact us today!

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