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"How My Entrepreneurial Journey Unleashed Potential in a Room Full of Business Owners"

When Karisma Page asked me to speak at one of her events, I was super pumped. When she told me I would be the keynote speakers and have to fill 45 minutes, I started getting a little nervous. Then I remembered how much I could ramble on and how quickly 45 minutes would get filled up. The key was to make it powerful enough for everyone in the room to be inspired enough to take action in their own situations, just by hearing me tell my Entrepreneurial Journey.

So how did it go?...

a bearded man giving a speech
Sharing my story with a room full of entrepreneurs

Welcome to my TED Talk...

I want to begin at the end, in typical Quentin Tarantino fashion. After my keynote speech, Karisma's daughter said she thought my #TEDTalk was really powerful and inspiring and was really moved by a specific part of my talk. (More about who Karisma is in a moment.)

I thought it being called a TED Talk was really awesome! When more than a dozen attendees took the time after my talk was complete, to share their own personal journey and be vulnerable with me, even though they never met me before, I was truly inspired and humbled by this opportunity. Reflecting on this experience has put so much in perspective for me and I can't wait to build on the momentum and energy I received from this event.

But how did we even get here? Let's jump back to the beginning...

a handsome man taking a picture with a smiling woman
Karisma L. Page of Erin Resilience LLC and Michael Brown of Seymour Mac Productions Ltd.

The Invitation to Speak...

I met Karisma L. Page, the owner of, a business and life coach located in the Poconos, when she joined me #BNI chapter in Stroudsburg, PA. From the very first time we spoke on the phone and then in subsequent in person meetings, I knew I was going to become good friends with this charismatic women. Her name says it all!

"I knew I was going to become good friends with this charismatic women."

Very early on in our new business friendship, we connected on a personal level. I felt very comfortable sharing my story with her and that isn't always easy. She and her husband hired me to film several of their events for some of their businesses. The very first project we did together was for an Erin Resilience Entrepreneur event, where local business owners and entrepreneurs networked and learned how to succeed from various coaches and successful business owners. It was obvious to me, Karisma was doing what she was meant to do! The energy was amazing.

The 2nd event I was involved in was as a sponsor and this gave me the opportunity to give back and ensure her event would be funded and full of hungry business owners looking to level up!

Finally, on this 3rd event, Karisma asked me to attend as a speaker. Something I didn't expect but was happy to oblige. When I learned more, I started getting a little nervous!

a black female business owner with short hair
Karisma L. Page. Owner of Erin Resilience LLC & Event Coordinator.

I'm the Keynote Speaker?

The nerves started kicking in when Karisma explained more about her plans for my role in the event. I thought I would be somewhere in the middle of the line-up, with a few moments to talk and be done. Boy was I wrong! Karisma asked me to be the Keynote speaker. Now like many business owners, especially towards the beginning of their journey, the imposter syndrome started to kick in with the nerves. "Who am I to speak to entrepreneurs? I am barely one myself."

a handsome bearded man giving a talk
Welcome to my TED Talk

Karisma explained to me how my story or being thrusted into entrepreneurship, losing my job during covid, finding GOD, struggling with so many obstacles, and then ultimately overcoming them, helped inspire her and she wanted others to hear my story too! WOW! That hit me pretty hard. Could their really be inspiration and powerful takeaways in my own story? We were about to find out! The good thing was my original 45 minutes was being cut down to 20 minutes do fit the event schedule. (<--- Remember this!)

I didn't have much of a planned speech prepared and ultimately decided to speak from the heart. I have shared my story on plenty of podcasts but there was something heavier about telling it in front of 40 people, including my Mother, 2 of my younger siblings and my son.

With my page of bullet points, I graced the stage.

Within a few minutes, it became very clear to me that I had captured the audiences attention. They were extremely attentive, hanging on to every word and wondering what the next turn in the story had in store for them. We laughed, we cried and we learned how to become better conversationalists and business owners. The tissue boxes were being passed around the room and the water works were kicked on! Another thing I didn't really expect.

a women uses a tissue to dry her tears

a woman listens attentively while her eyes water

I shared my journey from clock puncher to business owner and entitled my speech "Entrepreneur of Circumstance" (the title of my upcoming book!). Before I knew it my 20 minutes was up, but to my surprise, Karisma and the room all told me to keep going. I wound up speaking for 46 minutes, longer than originally planned.

It was one of the most enlightening and humbling experiences of my business owner journey!

sharing my story with the room

Humbling Take Aways...

It was all over before I knew it. When it began I wasn't sure it would go well. When it finished with applause, tears and cheers... I felt I was on to something.

I didn't want to share my story and not leave the audience with some take aways, so here is what my talk boiled down to:

  • 👉 Being comfortable being uncomfortable is essential for personal and business growth.

  • 👉 Seeking help from mentors and coaches can accelerate success.

  • 👉 Providing value to clients is key for long-term business success.

But maybe more powerful for me was the take aways I left with:

  • I am capable of more than I think I am.

    • I may have found a new passion for public speaking. All those years of rapping on stage weren't a waste after all!

  • Sharing my story can encourage others to share theirs!

    • So many people shared their story with me after the event. I am super appreciative of their vulnerability!

  • Putting my faith in God has given me a purpose greater than I ever expected!

  • I finally feel I am on the right path!

You can watch my talk in full on my youtube channel:

I have been invited to speak at their next event on November 9, 2024. Grab your tickets here!

a room full of inspired enrepreneurs

I would love to work with you on your next video project for your business or brand! I would also love to be a featured speaker at your next event or on your podcast!

Use the button below to contact me!

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