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We helped Symmetry Construction secure $100k+
in revenue since launching this video!

We use video to tell our clients story, build trust in their brand & accomplish their goals.

If you want to find out how to do this for your business,
Book a Call today!

Don't take our word for it.  Listen to what Frank Ingrassia of Symmetry Construction had to say about their success working with us!

"So I see the value in using videos for my business, but what kind of videos should we use?"

This is a great question.  Most of our clients in the construction industry say the same things:

"I can't find qualified workers."
"I'm busy, but only with low budget jobs."
"We want higher paying clients."
"We only use word-of-mouth & referrals."
"We need to streamline our internal systems."

We can think of a dozen types of videos for your company, but it really comes down to what your specific challenges and goals are.  Which is why we always hop on a phone call to learn what those are!

Brand-Attraction Video

Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing:

roofer performing work on a roof, removing old shingles
Brand Ads or videos are designed to introduce your brand/business to more people in your market.  These are potential customers who want to know why they should choose you, instead of your competitors.
Another variation of this is the "Mission Video".  Focus on your "why", tell your unique backstory and build trust in your brand!
Our approach to recruitment videos is  "2 birds with 1 stone" method.  
1. Attract only qualified workers by setting the standard within the video project.
2. Attract customers by promoting your brands standards to a wider audience.
Construction Worker wearing a hard hat and safety vest
real estate photographer, taking photos of a listing
A landing page video is typically a no audio background video which shows examples of your work, interesting projects or the culture of your organization.
Ask how you can get a landing page video for FREE!
A Client Testimonial or Client Success Story is one of our most popular and recommended video for almost all businesses.
These are extremely powerful in building trust in your brand, service, product and business, by allowing your already satisfied customers to promote your brand for you!
Think 5 star review comes to life! 
customers sitting on a couch, giving a testimonial
construction worker inside a house, making renovations
In construction especially, there are some amazing projects being built.  Providing project highlights and updates are a great way to draw interest in potential customers.
There are several ways to approach these and we typically like to include you or your client in the video to help tell the story.
Process videos, FAQ's or other internal videos can help you buy your time back.  
Think about what you can do with this time, instead of answering the same 20 questions every day.
construction company process video, FAQ
Your personal or business brand can utilize social media marketing to engage new users and followers.  
We can help you film and edit your branding content to share with your audience.
From strategy to scheduling.  We handle everything in house!
Social Media Content
short form video content examples for businesses
long form social media content examples for businesses

Who have we worked with?

What Our Clients Say

"Mike and his team were professional and courteous from start to finish. The vision Mike had for my project was more than I was expecting and was better than anything I could have thought of. My expectations were exceeded and I’ll definitely be back for future multimedia projects."

Frank Ingrassia - Symmetry Construction

Still unsure about hiring a professional video company to help you grow your business? 
I wrote this eBook, filled with video strategies you can implement yourself!

Free eBook to attract higher paying clients

Yes, it's absolutely 100% FREE and written by me!

Just click the picture above to download it.

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